Yorkhill Housing Association Limited
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Existing Applicants on Yorkhill's Waiting List

Mainstream and Sheltered Applicants

If you are currently on Yorkhill’s waiting list you will need to re-apply.  You will receive a letter from us advising of the new Glasgow Housing Register.  It will have instructions on how to re-apply.  If you require assistance to re-apply please contact Housing Association office nearest to you and ask for an appointment. 

Anyone that does not either re-apply online or contact the office will no longer be on our waiting list.

Transfer Applicants

The Glasgow Housing Register does not affect you as you are a current tenant of Yorkhill and only wish to move within the Yorkhill area.  However if you have applied to other Housing Association’s in the Northwest of Glasgow you should contact them to re-apply.

Future Waiting List Reviews

Previously applicants on Yorkhill’s waiting list receive a yearly review letter which they had to complete and return to remain on the waiting list. With the Glasgow Housing Register there will still be a review however this will not be carried out by Yorkhill Housing Association.